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Quick Cryptic 9 by? Pumpkins at midnight for Marks & Sparks

The office temp here (this is a one-off, it will be someone else next time) so I was watching the clock. It may have been blog fright but at 8 minutes I found this a bit harder than average. No byline was up when I posted so it will have to be added later. Here goes.


8 RAGTIME. Music. Played by Alexander's band until the time Cinderella runs off leaving her glass slipper as her ball gown turns back to rags.
9 ROOST. Roo(S)t = perch.
10 PLAIN. Plain = frank. Double definition.
11 GLADDEN. Please = gl(add)en.
12 SCARPERED. Left = scar(pe)red. Phys Ed in scarred.
14 PIP. Young Philip Pirrip in Great Expectations. Just beat as in pip at the post. Double definition.
16 LOP. Lop(e).
18 ALCHEMIST. Old transformer. Anagram of St Michael. Someone who claimed to turn base metal into gold, among other things.
21 FUNFAIR. Place of entertainment. F(rance) plus unfair as in not just.
22 AUDIT. Review. Every other letter in A (B)u(d)d(h)i(s)t.
23 FLUSH. Double definition. Not outstanding, as in built flush to the wall.
24 SUPREMO. Leader. Anagram of Euro MPs.


2 IGUANA. Lizard. 1 Gu(y)ana. This one took me the longest to parse. I had the answer but Ghana kept sticking its head in because I'd forgotten about the S.A. country.
3 MIEN. Air. M(iles) i.e. N(umber).
4 LEDGER. Book. Ledge(r)
5 ORGANDIE. Material. What the ball gown was made of. Organ = publication plus Die = pass on.
6 HOLD-UP. Double definition.
7 STUN. Nuts = heads reversed.
13 PHARAOHS. Homophone for Faroes, the islands in the old shipping forecasts.
15 PETITION. Solicitation. Petit=French for small plus i(r)on =club. Excellent clue.
17 PENT-UP. Repressed. Ear nose and throat dept in pup.
19 CERISE. Colour hidden in Spen(cer is e)ye-catching.
20 INDEED. Truly. In(deed).
21 FIFE. Double definition. Where the Prince met Kate.
22 ASPS. Snakes. As = like plus p(ython)s.
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